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Packaly is a last-mile solution company dedicated to giving our partners and Riders the best experience possible. We are happy you’re interested in joining our team and being part of the Packaly journey.

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Deliver parcels for the biggest retailers in town

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
You receive delivery orders through Packaly’s Rider App. In the app you will see clear directions on the pick-up and drop-off locations. According to our agreement, it’s crucial not to interrupt your shift. Interrupting your shift means we will have to contact you and will affect your earnings.
Do I get paid what the app is showing me?
Because you get paid by the hour, you can disregard the amount shown on the Rider App. When you sign up for a Packaly shift at YoungOnes, and we accept your offer, you get the amount paid out of what you offered us, and we agreed upon. The Packaly Rider app shows different amounts based on a per delivery fee.
Why do we do an Onboarding call?
Before we kick-off, we make sure we get to know each other. Check your mailbox and take your online video interview as soon as possible, so you’re set to start working when your shift starts.
Which gear do you need to get started?​
Good gear makes the job easier. At Packaly we only deliver with bicycles, e-bikes are also perfectly fine. It’s important to get Packaly’s bag to fit the orders and give the right impression at the stores.
I changed the city I live in. Can I sign up again?
We love to see you back. Just sign up in any city you feel like and get started again!