How Decathlon implemented ship-from-store within weeks

Omnichannel strategies are a unique challenge for every company as it is not a “1, 2, 3” execution that gives you the ultimate result. Many studies show that omnichannel solutions create a full spectrum for serving your customers with what they want and what they need.

Scheduled Delivery Riding

Fast reliable same-day shipments

Decathlon is an international sports retailer with a strong focus on selling everything you need for your particular sport. Serving 65 different sports or activities in their collection, they try to make every sport accessible for everyone.

In The Netherlands, Decathlon has 20 locations around the country. A variety of home brands and well-known sports brands are sold in their stores. They don’t just provide equipment for sports, but also other athletic and outdoor activities, such as camping.

Decathlon has been focussing on green solutions making the environment a better place for everybody. Their initiative to be more environmentally conscious has been translated into a strong focus on implementing a CO2-neutral shipping option for their customers, which has been incredibly important and successful with Packaly.

We want to be sustainable and adapt to our customers’ behavior. We see that there is a big demand for on-demand fast shipping. Together with Packaly, we found the solution to these needs.

Decathlon and Sustainability

Sustainability for a brand or retail organization is something that cannot be ignored anymore. The impact of your business on the planet is a crucial aspect to consider when it comes to both customer satisfaction and business expansion.

Decathlon and Packaly both highly value sustainability, being more environmentally cautious and assessing the impact of what they do. When it comes to producing products, Decathlon is always working towards better and more sustainable options

Packaly has been one of the logistical elements that helped Decathlon reduce CO2 emissions in the cities where they have stores. Packaly now covers Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, and Eindhoven with their sustainable solutions.

In a specific radius around retail locations, Packaly is delivering parcels from stores in these active cities. Our delivery Riders are available for their evening deliveries, 60-minute express deliveries, and scheduled delivery.

Decathlon has several serious goals and milestones when it comes to sustainability. In 2018 their carbon intensity on products sold was 2,5%.

Services Decathlon uses

Decathlon is covering both same-day and scheduled delivery options through their platform to give the unique opportunity of choosing convenience for their customers. Both services are shown during the check-out if the customer’s address is within the delivery radius of the store.

Our current delivery success rate with Decathlon is 99.9%. The convenience of shipping from the store at the most convenient time that the customer wants to receive their parcel makes our satisfaction rate unbelievable high.

On average, Packaly’s Riders deliver a Decathlon parcel within 40 minutes from the time of creation. In some unique cases, we have even delivered the parcel within 10 minutes to the customer.

Our evening delivery service gives a little bit more flexibility when it comes to the timing. When customers choose to get it delivered in the evening, the rider has a time block from 17:00 till 21:00 to get the parcel delivered.

Stores can package the products in advance to be picked up between 17:00 and 17:30. Our riders will then deliver the parcels as fast as possible. Our freelance model makes it incredibly easy to add more riders to work at a specific time due to the flexibility of planning.

Orders from customers get delivered in an average delivery time of 40 minutes.

Where do we ship?

Over the last 5 months, we’ve developed a strategy together with Decathlon to start from scratch and build up a scalable model that can be used over all their stores. Starting with Utrecht means close monitoring of the possible challenges that arise with fast solutions.

Over the last months, the pilot period has developed to prove a sustainable way of shipping from store-2-door and developed towards a multi-shipping option for their retail locations.

How does it work?

It’s simpler than you probably think, and we’re not exaggerating. It isn’t too hard to implement. There are just a few items that come into effect when you think of shipping from a store.

  1. Your stock levels in the store need to be accurate enough to get your products delivered.

  2. Your employees need to know what to do and how to handle the speed and accuracy of on-demand delivery.

  3. Packaging your products is important to make sure that your customers’ order arrives with everything it should.

For all these items, there are solutions, and it’s essential when it comes to communicating these components to your staff. The team at Packaly guided the Decathlon staff through the necessary aspects of on-demand delivery and developed a guide together with the Decathlon store team on how to process an order.

The current strategy of processing orders in the store created the perfect combination to help adapt store employees to the experience of in-store pickups and getting parcels ready for delivery.

Our average cycle time per delivery from pick up to drop-off is 23 minutes and 14 seconds. Those times are incredible reliable and result in high customer satisfaction.

How to implement Packaly in a large organization?

Implementation of our plug & play delivery dashboard and API has both a technical and business processing aspect to it. At the start of our pilot phase, we implemented our dashboard in the Utrecht location of the Decathlon and started with putting simple shipments in our systems. The simplicity of creating an account in several minutes, adding a store, and creating your first order comes back in the same flow.

Implementing these strategies gives perspective on the business case and reflects on the first steps to get your business running on our services

Starting by offering local express shipping to customers that were in the store at the moment of testing, we figured out what needed to be done to get a product off the shelf, packaged, and en route to the respective customer at home.

After this initial beta test, we started with implementing the services inside the checkout of their online e-commerce environment. Decathlon validates the postal code being close enough to the store when the customer is shopping online, so the distance from the store to the destination isn’t too far. Packaly validates this on our end both ways again, double-checking so there isn’t an error or problem in any of the validations.

The result

With 4 stores running on our on-demand services, the result of the last 6 months proved the success of the concept of shipping from a store to a customer in 60 minutes for retail and validated the simplicity of implementing Packaly into your business logic.

Packaly successfully changed the way Decathlon is handling parcels to their customers and improving the strategy daily. 4 stores are shipping parcels every day in the fastest way possible and giving Decathlon’s customers a great experience.