How LUSH boosted their eCommerce by reaching local customers

Scheduled Delivery Riding

Lush is not new to the eCommerce market in the Netherlands. They have been fulfilling their regional orders through their macro hub in Dusseldorf, Germany. However, Lush saw an opportunity in using their nationwide network of brick-and-mortar stores to reach their local customers faster, allow for more local visibility, and further capitalize on the growing eCommerce market.

Lush realized the benefits of turning local stores into dark stores to reach their local customers faster, cutting the last mile shorter. First, however, Lush needed to make sure that they do environmentally, with a sustainable partner that aligns with its values.

Throughout the different stages of the Netherlands’ lockdown, in-stores sales have dropped, and inventory was staying unused. Lush was able to open its shops for a few customers for click & collect. However, with the shops closed for most of the year, Lush realized that its products’ last-mile journey from Germany to the Netherlands limits the speed they can reach their local customers at.

So, How did Lush boost their eCommerce sales by reaching local customers using local resources and stores? And how did that lead to Lush reducing their delivery time, optimize in-store stocks, and offer fast and sustainable delivery options to their customers?

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