Delivery Dashboard

Last-mile delivery has never been easier with our plug & play Delivery Dashboard.

Packaly Delivery Dashboard

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Plug & play Delivery Dashboard

Improve your customer experience with Packaly’s user-friendly plug & play Delivery Dashboard
and start diving into the world of sustainable last-mile solutions.

Choose pick up location

Choose the pick-up location for your parcel delivery and send a Rider directly to pick up the order.

No subscription fee

Start shipping without any monthly fees. Our dashboard is pay per parcel, not per month, so no need to wait.

Real-time track and trace

Track your parcel in real-time as it gets delivered to your customers. Show the most convenient customer experience.

Now, today, or tomorrow

Choose from our convenient shipping options: express, same-day, or next-day delivery whenever it suits you.

Age verification

We offer age verification for age-sensitive products making sure that you never ship your product to the wrong person.


Plug & play and start using Packaly’s Delivery Dashboard in minutes without any subscription fees. 

Parcel verification

We offer an automatically generated 4-digit  code for each parcel to make sure your parcel reaches the right person.

Insure your parcel

All our shipments are insured up to €2500,- in total. Need more insurance? Get in touch with sales to get you started. 

7 days live support

Our stores’ support team is available 7 days a week from 10:00 to 21:00. Get in touch with a real person whenever you need to.

Start shipping within minutes

Our plug & play Delivery Dashboard is user-friendly and easy to get up and running. Sign up and send your first parcel right away.

1. Create your Dashboard account

Last-mile delivery has never been easier with our Delivery Dashboard. Just sign up with your email address and use Packaly’s on-demand express delivery and scheduled same-day & next-day delivery services.

2. Add your locations to your account

Adding your business locations is simple. Start by going to settings, add a store, and fill in the required information. That’s it. Your business is ready to use our last-mile solutions and send your first parcel with Packaly.

3. Send your first parcel

Send your parcel by filling in the customer’s info and the pick-up location, and wait for our Rider to pick up your order. Then you and your customer could track the parcel on the map in real-time as it gets delivered to their doorstep.

Packaly Delivery Dashboard

Start shipping right away with the Delivery Dashboard

Packaly's app overview including Rider app on phone and Delivery Dashboard on screen