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With 60-minute express delivery we deliver your products instantly. We pick the delivery from your store/hub and deliver it within 60-minutes to your customers with one of our friendly bike couriers.

No setup costs • Join 40+ others • Start with 3 free shipments

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We are here to help you out. Our product is made for quick and on-demand easy shipping. Our dashboard does not require any integration, so you can start shipping on the spot. When you request a delivery our real-time delivery solution automatically connects you with the nearest and best courier based on parcel size and drop off location.

You can start using Packaly without any hassle. We deliver for pharmacies, grocery stores, retail & luxury, e-commerce, marketplaces and much more. Our fleet of bike couriers is accessible for any business of any size. You can start shipping the same day with our plug-and-play dashboard, with no integrations needed. Our delivery service is made for fast and easy-to-use delivery.

Our professional fleet of riders makes your delivery service a friendly and customer centric delivery option. All our onboarded partners receive professional gear to do their job perfectly. Our couriers training gives them the best preparation to do their job as customer service expects them to do. We focus on the quality of delivery, not only on getting the parcel from A to B.

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We believe that it’s our responsibility to take the next step in green logistics. Therefore, we only deliver our parcels with non-motorized bicycle couriers. We realize that parcel logistics inside an urban city is not easy, but we got really close to making it as efficient as possible. Not only does Packaly provide a cost efficient and reliable on-demand courier network, but we also keep sustainability in mind. 100% of our courier network deliver their parcels on bicycles. 

We build an interface that gives you the freedom to start shipping without any integration. You can start shipping with 4 simple steps, just register to our dashboard and fill in your store information. You can have a parcel on its way in the next 10 minutes. 

How does it work?

It’s not hard to start shipping.
On average after signing up our customers can start shipping within several minutes.

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You can register your store in 4 simple steps and get shipping right away.

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Walk through the steps of creating a delivery and ship it directly to your customer.

Our courier picks up the parcel

We will send a bicycle courier to pick up the parcel as soon as you click send.

No setup costs • Join 40+ others • Start shipping in minutes

We have very transparent pricing

With our urgent delivery service you pay per parcel.
We do not charge any strange distance fees, just a fixed amount.

Price per parcel

Per Parcel
  • No monthly fee or commission
  • No set up costs or needed integration
  • CO2 Neutral shipping
  • Realtime Track & Trace


We can deliver your products within an hour.
These are some of the industries that we deliver parcels for.



Liquor stores


And many more…

“We want to be sustainable and adapt to our customers’ behavior. We see that there is a big demand for on-demand fast shipping. Together with Packaly, we found the solution to these needs.”

Wouter Mol

City leader Utrecht

packaly delivers for decathlon
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The Hague


Start shipping within minutes

You can start shipping with on-demand delivery within minutes with our dashboard.

Our services

We have multiple services that can help your customers. 

60-minute delivery

Scheduled Next Day

Evening delivery

Frequently asked questions for express delivery

We made a quick list of FAQ questions that people often ask us about our 60-minute express delivery.

You are able to send a package from your pick-up location to a customer within a 5km range. This means that all the customers around your store can enjoy the 60 minute delivery service.

Yes, the parcel must fit in our delivery backpack. That means that you have to measure if the products are bigger than 60 (height) x 40 (width) x 40 (length). If they are bigger, you cannot fit those products in the delivery bag. Our algorithm calculates it for you as well.

No, we have rules on what we do deliver and what we don’t deliver. We do not deliver drugs, weapons or fresh food. We also included this in our terms & agreements and our delivery riders are allowed to report any suspicious parcels. 

Yes, we have a delivery dashboard where you can create an account within minutes. After you signed up for your account you can add your store in the delivery zone and start shipping right away. 

Shipping a 60-minute express delivery costs only €7,50 excluding tax. You can find the price in the dashboard as well.

Yes, our 60-minute express delivery service also has an API feature. You can find our api documentation for it here

Yes, we do not allow motorized vehicles in our delivery fleet. We do all our express deliveries with a bicycle only.