We are looking for you.

Want to become a bike courier? Let's start delivering!

We are looking for the best of the best bike couriers in town. Our team is growing fast, and we are looking to open up slots for all riders in the cities that we are active or planning to launch too very soon. Are you tired of waiting at restaurants, and want to deliver like a pro with multiple parcels at the same time in your city? Get your spot! 

Start delivering for Packaly

Are you ready to start delivering for Packaly? We are the fastest and most convenient option for bike couriers to start delivering faster.

Super fast delivery

We value fast delivery, and that's why we are looking for you. Are you ready to do 2 - 3 parcels an hour with no surprises?

Easy to earn money

Packaly has a ZZP structure where you get paid per delivery. This means that it's very easy and transparent to earn money with our app.

The perfect routes

You can ride multiple drops with our app. Based on distance and how busy it is we will always tell you the best route and help you earn more.

CO2 friendly delivery

We deliver only with bicycles. This means that we will always have the benefits of healthy and planet friendly shipping

Payed every 2 weeks

We pay you every 2 weeks so you know exactly how much money you have per week. Paying your bills when it's needed, we understand.

Choose your own worktimes

We do a very flexible planning so you can work whenever you want to. It's easy to schedule, and just get started in your own time.

All day, every day deliveries

We want to make sure that you as a bike courier can work as much as possible in busy times. Our express delivery and same day delivery are all planned out and you have longer workings days and not only the peak hours. 

What do you need?

It's simple to start as a bike courier, trust us!

You will never have the problem that you have to wait for a parcel. You can just sign up, schedule hour rides and start delivering if you got the following stuff:

What do you need to become a bike courier?

Your own (racing) bicycle

You can use your own bicycle to start delivering, no need to get one from us. Start right from your doorstep.

Your own smartphone with iOS or Android

We have a rider app that tells you what to deliver when and where. You need iOS 10 or Android 4.4 or higher for it.

Delivery gear that you like to use

We will not force you into our gear, but we will make sure that you get whatever you need to do your delivery job.

A big smile at the customers

We value happiness in the job just as much as other things. Bring a smile, it will benefit you always.

What other bike couriers say about us

The cities where we are active

We are currently active in Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Our community of bike couriers, partners and also cities where we are expanding too are growing fast. You can expect this map to fill incredibly fast in the coming weeks.