Packaly launches new delivery dashboard for retailers

After a successful pilot period in collaboration with retail giant Decathlon, Packaly now makes its services available to every retailer. With the launch of the new dashboard, it offers small retailers the possibility to ship directly to customers in the area.

After the pilot phase in which the system was extensively tested, the platform can now be used by any retailer. “We offer all retailers, from small to large, the opportunity to create a unique customer proposition. We believe retailers and customers should be able to experience the convenience of sending and receiving products within the hour. For the retailer, we have set up the platform so that a new shipment can be created within minutes. In addition, we do not charge any start-up costs, which means no investment is required and the service is also feasible for local retailers”. said Axel Dekker, CEO Packaly.

Packaly makes it possible for retailers to start the fast and sustainable delivery service without risk. The aim is to give every local retailer the opportunity to offer extra customer convenience with fast delivery. The retailer will have its own environment in which two different delivery options are possible. For customers who want to receive something immediately there is the 60 minute option and for anyone who can wait until the evening there is an evening delivery available.

Packaly’s couriers deliver exclusively by bike. By using only the bicycle, the company puts the vision of green and transparent delivery into practice. Packaly is currently active in Utrecht and plans to expand its activities to other cities in the coming months.

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