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Packaly is building the future of on-demand delivery. Our team is constantly working on the latest technology improving the speed, flexibility and efficiency how we get a package delivered. We are always looking for the best talent believing in our vision that a package should not take 1-2 days to arrive at your doorstep.

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Are you ready to join our team to realize the next step in on-demand delivery?

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We focus on a friendly and peaceful environment
We have always been a fan of an international team
Work remotely! We don't mind where you finish your task from
A competitive salary, so you can afford things in life
All necessary equipment to do your job correct
A share in profit! The company does well, you do well
Growth mindset so you can improve yourself and the company
The necessary program to keep yourself fit and vital
Unlimited resources to learn more every day
Unlimited vacation days. Just communicate and finish your work
Weekly drinks at our headquarters to finish a good week
Occassional company retreats, twice a year