March 18th, 2020 · Newsroom

Packaly launches its delivery service in Amsterdam

Axel Dekker


Utrecht – Last-mile startup Packaly opens its delivery service in Amsterdam after a successful pilot with Decathlon. Retailers in Amsterdam can now register and start immediately with 60-minute and evening delivery.

“We have grown rapidly in Utrecht in recent months and are ready for the next step in our process. Partly due to the extreme developments of the coronavirus, we want to help pharmacists, retailers and households to deliver and receive necessary products as quickly as possible. We have seen an increase in deliveries in Utrecht and have focused on supporting retailers in these difficult times.”

Axel Dekker - CEO & Co-founder at Packaly

The startup started delivering for Decathlon in October and is working with several new customers to expand its success in Utrecht and now also in Amsterdam. Besides shipping for large retailers, Packaly also offers a solution for SMEs by opening the platform to every retailer in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

“We currently offer 60-minute delivery and evening delivery 7 days a week. Packages are picked up, on average, within 10 minutes and evening deliveries can be put into the system until 17:00 for that evening”

Axel Dekker - CEO & Co-founder at Packaly

The company is currently focusing on expanding in new cities and developing new technology. In addition, the company is busy with the next round of investments.