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Deliver for the biggest businesses

Do you love being a bike courier but can’t find which team is the best for you? It’s Packaly. Our inclusive professional fleet of Riders and culture stands out from our competition. Not only will you be delivering for the biggest businesses while discovering your city, but you also have the chance to work on your schedule and do multiple delivery drops a route. What are you waiting for? Join our team and become a Rider.

Earn money while delivering parcels

What do I need to become a Packaly Rider

Becoming a bike courier has never been easier

Sign up to our Packaly’s Rider App and start delivering in areas where we are active. You could choose not to take a delivery order, and you won’t be penalized. You simply get paid for the amount of work you put it in. What are you waiting for?

Packaly Rider App for Bike couriers with an express delivery order at the bottom.

What it's like to work with Pacakly

Why become a bike courier with Packaly

We believe that our Riders are the backbone of our business. Here are some numbers that we are proud of.


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Frequently asked questions

How often do I get paid?

We pay our Riders every second week for the deliveries done between the first Monday and the last Sunday of that period. We send the money directly to your bank accounts on Monday and should appear on your bank statement the day after. Find more information on what you earn here.

How will my payment be calculated?
As a bike courier, you get paid per delivery based on the distance, keeping in mind that there could be more than one delivery drop throughout your route, allowing you to make the most amount of money a route. Find more information on payments here.
What type of partnership agreements does Packaly offer?

We aim to make it easier for bike couriers to join Packaly. Therefore, we offer two types of partnership agreements, through KVK and through Verloning. Learn more on how we can partner up through KVK here, and through Verloning here.

I am on the waiting list. How long do I have to wait?

To allow a fair amount of deliveries for each of our Riders, we have created a waiting list for newly registered bike couriers. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact amount of time until you become a Rider. This depends on the number of deliveries within your city and the activities of other Riders.

Are there any costs associated with registering as a bike courier?

To start riding with Packaly, there is a one-time purchase of Packaly’s gear, and you need to have your own bike and safety gear. It is important to know that we offer free replacement parts for our gear to make sure your on-demand and scheduled deliveries go smoothly.

What do I need to do before becoming a bike courier?

Before becoming a bike courier, you need a Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number or a partnership agreement from Verloning employment agency, a bike, safety gear, a smartphone, and a great attitude. Keeping in mind that our Riders are the backbone of our last-mile solutions, therefore, our Riders’ support team is available 7 days Riders’ support team and we offer you free gear replacement.

Do I need my own bike and gear?

Yes, to become a bike courier, you do need your own bike and safety gear, but we do offer competitive discounts through our partnerships. You also need to get Packaly’s gear, a one-time purchase which we would later replace for you if it gets damaged.

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