Express Delivery

Shipping your parcel instantly on-demand

Increase your customer experience by offering a premium express delivery service.

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Increased customer experience

Track and trace your express delivery on the map in real-time.

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CO2-neutral delivery

Sustainable last-mile delivery by our professional Riders fleet.

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Use local resource

Ship from your local store to a local customer with a local courier.

How does express shipping with Packaly work

Sign up to our Delivery Dashboard and start shipping within minutes.
1. Receive your order

Process the delivery request through our Delivery Dashboard by entering pick up location, customer address, phone number, and e-mail. Then choose the express delivery option.

2. Pack your parcel

Pack your parcel carefully and hand it to our Rider when they arrive.

3. Track & trace the order

Give your customers a better experience by allowing them and yourself the leisure of tracking their parcel delivery on the map in real-time and know exactly when to expect the delivery.

Express delivery

Competitive pricing for your business

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Facts about Packaly

We believe in building relations through transparency and trust. Here are some numbers we are proud of.


Riders ready whenever you need


Average support response  time


Cities you can start delivering in today


CO2-neutral delivery 

Start you express deliveries in minutes with our Delivery Dashboard

Packaly's app overview including Rider app on phone and Delivery Dashboard on screen