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We are committed to changing the environmental impact of logistics for good. We connect businesses, customers, and riders creating sustainable solutions that matter.

The Packaly Story

Packaly was founded in 2018 by Axel, Adrik, Justin, and Niels. The logistics networks in the world consisted of next-day infrastructures ready to ship anything from A to B without a hassle. But what about the logistic streams that stay inside the same city, all the local stock that stores gather to sell to their local customers. The idea of Packaly was born from a whiteboard to what it’s like today. A small group of friends came together, dove into the infrastructure, idea, and especially ethics of the bike delivery landscape, and started their mission to reshape it completely.

Packaly aims to deliver positive change, one parcel at a time. In 2022, Packaly offers its Instant Delivery, Same-Day delivery, and Linehaul Delivery to more than 500 retailers in 125+ Dutch cities through its technology. Packaly’s 10.000+ riders cycle the earth multiple times a month, the team is growing from a small group to a great number of like-minded tech enthusiasts while maintaining our sustainable CO2 neutrality goal and delivering a unique experience to all our customers every single day. We believe in changing the way we think about logistics, one parcel at a time.

Let's change the way logistics work

We do not focus on change, we drive change. We believe that logistics is not only about shipping from A to B but focuses on creating an impact on the future. We revolutionize shipping, by making Instant Delivery, same-day delivery, and much more available at the click of a button.

We revolutionize sustainability

We drive our technology to support sustainable shipping solutions. Together, we fight against climate change and make sure we don't wait any longer.

We are crazy fast

We ship fast, not only on our bicycles but also in our technology. Our team moves fast, faster than the light. We are the fastest shipping platform around

We operate in 3 countries, 125 cities

Our mission is to connect and make the biggest sustainable connection with partners and our own riders. We believe in connecting the supply chain together, for faster innovation.

Our core values

At Packaly we believe that core values drive the business. We strongly stand by our believes and try to change the market one step at a time.

Make F*ck-ups

Be transparent

Teamwork, stay fair

Work hard, play hard

Create impact fast

Stay fair, win together

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