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Packaly has the biggest retail network for parcel delivery by bicycle. Our 10.000+ riders are incredibly fast and reliable and make the most exclusive deliveries for our retail partners.

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Deliver parcels for the biggest retailers in town

We got you covered

Together with our insurance partners we got you fully covered during and past your rides.

Boost your earnings

Earn up to €40,00 per delivery when riding with Packaly and ride whenever you want.

Be part of the team

We are delivering with more than 10.000+ riders around the country. Sign up for the squad.

Realtime Rider support

No long waiting for your requests, we let you handle this or check in with our team.

Get paid today

Need cash? Get paid after every gig, the same day with Payday, or get paid once every month.

Professional gear

Have your own gear? No problem! We offer you a backpack and awesome gear to start riding.

Ship for the biggest

We ride for the biggest retailers like Samsung, Blokker, de Bijenkorf, Lush, Rituals and many more.

Ride when you want

Plan ahead, start right now by pressing 1 button or whenever it suites you!

Become a Packaly Rider

Sign up and join the Packaly squad

With the Packaly Rider App, you are in control. We created the ultimate delivery machine by delivering parcels directly from retailers right to the doorstep of their customers. Be your own boss!

Earn money per delivered route

Sign-up as a freelancer or ride for our partner fleet

Work on your own hours

Rider Onboarding flow

Why ride for Packaly?

Experience the simple delivery methods we build for you to earn more money in an hour.

The healthiest job around

Drive together with your delivery team and earn money whilst riding a bicycle. Packaly offers the most sustainable and healthy job around.

Earn per delivered route

We do not take any commission from your earnings; what you see in your screen is what you receive. Bonus? All yours!

We got you covered

Together with our insurance partners we got you covered for sick leave, incidents and parcel insurance, don't worry!

Join the best team around

Together with our Support team, you are the captain on the streets. Make our retail partners happy and deliver parcels so fast that customers will be surprised.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We create a community of riders. You have teammates on the street that are here to help you. Work with a dedicated team.

Get paid fast, or per month

We partnered up with Payday to get you paid instantly after every gig. No need to wait for money, you can ride and earn your groceries in an hour.

Frequently asked questions

How do you sign-up to become a rider?

Scroll to the top of the page and fill in all the information that we ask for. You will be redirected to the onboarding process and go through some steps to get started.

What is the collective benefits program and how does it work?

Our collective benefits program offers protection through insurance in situations like work accident, illness, injuries, family leave and much more. Discover more about how Packaly supports bike couriers with an insurance and benefit program.

Can I also work directly for a fleet?

Yes, we work with fleets as well. You can connect through the onboarding above, and we will send you a message if the city you applied for is a fleet partner city.

Do you also work together with partners?

We work for the biggest partners around, our retailers. Deliver for companies like LUSH, Samsung, Dille & Kamille, and many others.

How much do I earn per parcel?

This depends on what you accept. You can earn up to €30,00 per hour if you ride the smartest routes created by our systems.

Do I need to bring anything to the job?

Yes and no. We offer you the ability to ride with a cargo bike from Packaly, but you can also jump on your own bike and drive around with a Packaly backpack.

Can I work in any city I want to?

Yes, we allow you to just log in and get started. No need to check the city. We currently operate with our rider network in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and Antwerp.

What do I need to able to sign-up as a bike courier in The Netherlands?

Check out the onboarding flow in The Netherlands and see all the details you need to become a Packaly rider.

What do I need to able to sign-up as a bike courier in Belgium?

Check out the Onboarding flow in Belgium and see all the details you need to become a Packaly rider.