The world isn’t waiting, and neither are we!

Our mission is to reduce the global CO2 emission in logistics. We believe that sustainability comes from dedication, adaptability, and focus on doing what’s right. We believe that bike delivery is the future, and together we can change the footprint of global retail.

Scheduled Delivery Riding

At Packaly, we focus on sustainability in every step we make. We do not believe that HVO100 is the solution; we deliver everything by bicycle. With this focus, we are the leaders in sustainable delivery in The Netherlands and Belgium and rapidly gaining ground in Germany. We believe that sustainable delivery comes from bikes, and we are proud and committed to delivering 100% CO2-free, every parcel we touch.

“Fighting climate change is a serious job, and the team at Packaly is doing an incredible job reducing the footprint of our retail partners. Our mission to reduce the Scope 3 emissions of our partners supports every move we make.”

Axel Dekker
CEO Packaly

Sustainability first, in all steps we take

We focus on change, and that means that we need to take every step we make towards delivering a parcel very seriously. We support our partners, riders, and retail partners to focus on pushing volume over their stores or warehouses. We aim to change the strategy of our retailers, and we are dedicated to making a plan together.

We believe in the power of bicycle delivery

Together with our fleet partners, riders and partners, we focus on a sustainable solution for any terrain. Our results don’t lie, we are committed to extending our sustainable focus even further. Packaly is currently active in 125 cities and three countries, and it doesn’t stop here. We believe that the future of logistics is with low-cost bicycle delivery.

We take the climate very serious, in everything we do

Packaly does not only focus on sustainable delivery but takes it a step further. We aim to have a circular mentality and aim to reduce our carbon footprint on our hosting, tooling, travel, and much more of our company's emissions. We believe that sustainable first doesn’t stop at our core services but contributes to everything we do and use.

We help you reduce your Scope 3 emissions

And we have been doing that already since 2018. We believe that any retailer that starts shipping with Packaly should embrace the impact they need to make to save the planet. We not only deliver by bikes, but we also make it measurable with sustainability reports.