Become a bike courier in The Hague

Packaly is a bicycle courier delivery service in The Hague that works with hundreds of retailer locations and bike couriers. Join Packaly and start earning today!

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Deliver for the best retailers in The Hague

Earn more money

Earn more money delivering for retailers with our earn-per-delivery model.

Grow your earnings

Earn up to €40,00 per delivery when riding with Packaly and ride whenever you want.

Work on your own time

As a bike courier in The Hague, you can deliver when its suit you best on your own schedule.

Bike courier in Packaly gear

We supply you with the best gear in town to make the best out of your ride.

2-minute average response time

Our team of Rider operation professionals helps you solve problems within minutes.

Contribute to sustainable delivery

Help retailers be more sustainable by delivering emission free on your bicycle or e-vehicle.

Join the bike community in The Hague

We are delivering with more than 10.000+ bike couriers around the country. Sign up for the squad.

We have you covered

Together with our insurance partners we got you fully covered during and past your rides.

Ready to work?

Start as a bike courier in The Hague

Start as a Packaly Rider and be a part of Packaly’s mission to change the way we think about logistics, one parcel at a time. Get paid by delivery and work on your own time, while discovering your city and local community. Our Riders’ support team is here for you 7 days a week from 10:00 to 21:00 with an average 2 minutes reply time. All you need to do to become a Packaly bike courier in The Hague is to meet all the following requirements

A business registration number or registration through a partner

Your own bicycle or e-vehicle to deliver with

A Packaly backpack

You need to be 18+ (EEA-Citizens)

Let's ride

Sign up to ride with Packaly

Experience the simple delivery methods we have built to help you earn more per hour.

Earn money while staying active

We aim to make you ride efficient, fast and reliable with retail parcels. We insure that you have the most exclusive experience when it comes to quality and dedication.

Earn per parcel

The more you deliver the more you earn. With our multi-routing algorithm we can add multiple parcels to your route.

No hidden fees

We do not take any commission of your earnings, it's what you see is what you get. Bonus? All yours!

Start delivering right away

Our easy onboarding makes you sign up within 10 minutes and gets you on your way the next day. We help you to get riding fast.

Together we make it happen

We create a community of riders. You have teammates on the street that are here to help you. Work with a dedicated team.

Get paid twice a month

Want to earn money fast? Sign-up and get paid twice a month or sign up for our instant payment methods and get paid instantly.

Frequently asked questions

How often do I get paid?

We pay our Riders every second week for the deliveries done between the first Monday and the last Sunday of that period.We send the money directly to your bank accounts on Monday and should appear on your bank statement the day after.

What type of partnership agreements does Packaly offer?

We aim to make it easier for bike couriers to join Packaly. Therefore, we offer two types of partnership agreements, through KVK and through Verloning.

How will my payment be calculated?

As a bike courier, you get paid per delivery based on the distance, keeping in mind that there could be more than one delivery drop throughout your route, allowing you to make the most amount of money a route.

What type of partnership agreements does Packaly offer?

We aim to make it easier for bike couriers to join Packaly. Therefore, we offer two types of partnership agreements, through KVK and through Verloning.

I am on the waiting list. How long do I have to wait?

To allow a fair amount of deliveries for each of our Riders, we have created a waiting list for newly registered bike couriers per city. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact amount of time until you become a Rider. This depends on the number of deliveries within The Hague and the activity of fellow bike couriers.

Are there any costs associated with registering as a bike courier in The Hague?

To start riding with Packaly, there is a one-time purchase of Packaly’s gear, and you need to have your own bike and safety gear. It is important to know that we offer free replacement parts for our gear to make sure your on-demand and scheduled deliveries go smoothly.

What do I need to do before becoming a bike courier?

Before becoming a bike courier in The Hague, you need a Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number or a partnership agreement from Verloning employment agency, a bike, safety gear, a smartphone, and a great attitude. Keeping in mind that our Riders are the backbone of our last-mile solutions, therefore, our Riders’ support team is available 7 days Riders’ support team and we offer you free gear replacement.

Do I need my own bike and gear?

Yes, to become a bike courier, you do need your own bike and safety gear, but we do offer competitive discounts through our partnerships. You also need to get Packaly’s gear, a one-time purchase we offer replacements for couriers in The Hague if your gear gets damaged.

Whats it like being a bike courier in The Hague?

In addition to our last-minute bicycle delivery in The Hague, Packaly has also become a permanent feature of some companies. We pre-plan your deliveries and include the packages to be delivered in the delivery schedule, so that you, as a delivery driver, know in advance which of our partner clients you need to deliver to. This also ensures that you, as a rider, do not have to wait until your order is ready. You can almost leave the moment you arrive at the partner.

How is delivering as a bike courier in The Hague?

Being a bike courier in The Hague you'll be delivering for the best-known brands in the shopping streets. In addition, we guarantee reduced CO2 emissions, so you can contribute to a better world with us.

Becoming a bike courier in The Hague with Packaly?

Are you looking for a job where you enjoy a lot of freedom and stay in motion? Then choose a job with Packaly, the bicycle courier of The Hague. The services of Packaly were created to meet the needs of companies who have to deliver a parcel in a hurry, but can't get through to the regular parcel services.As a bicycle courier in The Hague we work together with a large number of freelance riders, which you can join. Are you curious about a job as a bicycle courier in The Hague? Apply today.